Saturday, February 7, 2009

I can't think of a title.

Well, first of all Greg has been sick this week and for all you wives out there you know what that means!!! There was a couple of days between work, and all the sick people, and home, with Greg being sick, I thought I might pull my hair out!!! He is finally better, and I think I may have caught a tiny bit of what he had, but the boys seem good. So cross your fingers.

Everyone had good weeks at school. Chase has a little issue not talking, at least LOUDLY, in the cafeteria for lunch. HP has a contest, and the best class gets recongized and the winner for the month gets a special treat. Needless to say Mrs. Ward's class does not get very many, and Chase says he MAY be the reason. HA HA Dawson had pretty uneventful week. No major breakdowns at least.

The weather has been nice, so the boys have been getting outside at school and some at home. They love that.

We had our last two basketball games this week. Last night was not a great game. We lost, and pretty much the referring was horrible. Dawson and Chase got asked to play in the following game because the team only had 3 players. What they did not know was that the team was 3rd and 4th graders. Chase of course was in, but Dawson decided at game time he was not going to play. So the first quarter they played 4 on 4 and Dawson sat with us and pouted. When he realized the teams were not that good, and that he could hang with them he went and asked the coach if he could still play. So, they both played 3 quarters together. Their adopted team lost, but Dawson scored 4 of their 6 points. Chase got in there and had some rebounds and a couple of steals. I think they enojoyed it.

Now that basketball is over, we are moving right to baseball. Dawson has to do his draft next weekend. Greg is going to help on Chase's team, so Chase gets to skip the draft!!!

Greg and I decided to try to file our taxes online this year. We usually have a friend do them, but we dont really have anything major so it was really pretty easy. So it is done. Most of our return is going into savings for our Disney trip later in the year.