Wednesday, December 31, 2008


So, This is just a follow up to my previous post this morning. I just called home from work and talked to Chase.
He answered the phone and I said " I love you."
He said, "What did you say that for?"
"I just wanted you to know that I love you, because you were mad at me last night. Are you still mad?"
He said, "No, I love you, too."

So, I hope my day today will end better. At least it has started well..........

Only a few hours

So, my children have been out of towm with my parents. They went to visit family friends that live in Houston, TX. My mom continued to comment on how great the boys were being. Not fighting, playing well with Kayla and Taylor. I was so excited. I always love to hear they are being good, especially around people we don't see all the time.

WELL, let me just tell you that did not last long. The boys rolled in about 5:00 last night. I went straight to mom and dad's to get them, AND she had said they were excited to see us and that they had missed us. When I drove up they both acted like they were happy to us. JUST LET ME TELL YOU THAT WAS SHORT LIVED. We got home, ate, took showers and settled in the watch Caroline play basketball on T.V. They were at BYU and they have their own station.

The boys were excited to play with new toys, which of course we did. As the night wore on it went down hill. Chase was extremely tired and that led fast to screaming and yelling....Any of you that know us, know what I am talking about........My mom and dad were at our house along with Mona and Bubbba. My mom and dad both tired to keep Chase in check. Dad is usually the best at that. The night ended with everyone leaving and Chase in his room, SCREAMing at the top of his lungs, I HATE MY MOM. Aren't those words what ever mother longs to hear, NOT!

I have learned in Chase's short 6 years of life that at his most exhausted all bets are off. He can do or say anything and not even know the empact. So of course, I cried myself to sleep as I listened to him sing in the dark in his room, I hate my mom, I hate my mom, I hate my mom.
I know today he will be my sweet, precious boy again, but................

Just wanted to let everyone in on my great and wonderful evening......

Monday, December 29, 2008


So, I have totally been slacking on the blog. Life has been busy around the Ramsey house the past two weeks. My sister, Lindsey, and her boyfriend, Justin we home first. They came to Arkansas so that Lindsey could walk in graduation at OBU. We were all very proud of her. We also did Christmas with them while they were here.
They got here the Thursday night before Christmas. It just so happened to be the boys first basketball game, so Lindsey and Justin went to Pre-game dinner and the game. Dawson and Chase were really excited to a fan group. They both love their Ninny very much and totally attached to Justin real fast. As with any Dawson/Ramsey event there was a little drama, but we all survived and may even do it again. On Saturday was the graduation and we had a little lunch/party for Lindsey and her OBU friends and family. That night we went to watch Our Girl, Caroline play basketball. She plays for ASU and they were at UALR. On Sunday we chilled with the fam and had a little Christmas.

Justin and Lindsey left on Monday and I have to admit, I was sad. I miss Lindsey alot, but I know you is adjusting N.C. so I guess I have to adjust as well.

By the way, JUSTIN HAIRE the Ramsey's LOVE YOU TOO!

The events of course, did not stop when Lindsey left. We had lots of Christmas left to do. We went to the Christmas Eve at service FBC. And then the annual CLAN Christmas. For many years we have spent Christmas Eve with the Green's and Mooney's. We have grown over the years but still love to get together. And the biggest news of all that night was ALLISON AND BAXTER GOT ENGAGED. We all so excited. Although, I am beginning to feel very old. I remember her going to first grade and now she is planning a wedding.


After, CLAN Christmas we went to my mom's so that we could have our Christmas before Santa came. They boys were excited but pretty exhausted by this point.

Santa came to Bridgewater, although, I am sure he thought twice. HAHA. We had a big morning and still had more to do. We had lunch with the Ramsey's. They boys love playing with Alyx and Peyton.

After a long couple of days, the boys ended up going to Houston with my mom and dad over the weekend. Hopefully, there will be pictures soon.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Meaning of Christmas

I could not resist posting what my morning was like. I am off today due to the fact that my doctor is on vacation. My mother in law and I have planned to do some shopping today for the boys. I was talking with Dawson and Chase about what they may want Noni to buy them. Dawson has been extremely not helpful in this area, this entire Holiday season. He did come up with a couple of ideas. Chase was the one that amazed me this morning. He said he wanted some games for his V.Smile, "that I know Santa is getting me". When I asked what else he may want he replied, "I want some presents to give to other kids that will not have any."

I almost lost it immediately. My family is lucky in the grand scheme of things. We are all healthy and happy together. The boys have lots of things I am sure kids all over Benton envy. But for Chase to realize some kids are not that lucky, amazed me. He has always had a very big loving heart. I needed this wake up call today. I stress about Christmas and wanting the boys to be happy and excited about the Holiday, but I guess I am the one that needs the help. They pretty much have it down right. Jesus is the reason we celebrate. And giving to others is a great thing to ask for. I am not sure what the plan will be for Chase but we will for sure be getting some gifts for other kids. I will keep you posted on how that goes.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Life is busy....

So, life is getting busy around the Ramsey house. This is a very busy time for Greg and sickness is on the rise at CAPC, as well. We did get our tree up, with the help of my mom. We seem to be decorating less and less the past few years. Too much to get out and too much to put up I guess.
The boys are both doing Christmas parties and songs at school and church. For example, Chase is at this very moment attempting to sing the 12 days of Christmas. He knows about 3 verses, the rest he just makes up. Chase sang in church last week, with the kindergarden choir class. I was standing up, and few heads were in the way, but I added the best group shot I got.

Chase and I are going to the Christmas Tree Farm on Friday with Mrs. Ward and the rest of the Kindergarden classes....I am not sure how I feel about it yet. But we will see.

Dawson is learning about Christmas around the world in second grade, and he seems to be enjoying it. He is liking a CD we have that is like Kids Bop Christmas, or something like that....He will only sing the car, when he thinks no one is listening.

One of the big issues around our house right now is trying to get a Christmas picture for a card. Last year I did not even sent out cards because I was exhausted just trying and got NOTHING worth printing. I have a little trick this year and hopefully tomorrow, I will be on my way to Walmart to print a card.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am not very good at this!

So, I started this blog and got my sister, Lindsey, all excited. And now I have not posted anything in a week. One of the main reasons is because Lindsey was here in Arkansas, and I spent most of my time with her. We had Thanksgiving together and had a great time. The Ramsey family started the day off at Greg's parents house. We did brunch, trying to keep meals as spread out as possible. Greg's parents always love for us to come over and hang out. So we always have a good time. Chuck and Allison, my brother and sister in law, were there with their girls, Alyx and Peyton. Greg's grandfather also came over, although he was not feeling well..

We ate too much food and even got in a few hands of Rook....Which by the way I am totally addicted to. Harold, Greg's dad, taught me to play and I LOVE IT!

I was a little distracted during the game because it was getting close to the time for Lindsey to land, and I have to admitt I was pretty pumped. A little more than 4 months is along time not to see my baby sister. Mom and I went to the airport and picked her up around 2:30. We were all glad to see each other. We spent the rest of the afternoon getting food ready for dinner with my fam. Our life long friends/family, Deb and Stuart, also arrived late Thursday afternoon. We ate with the fam, minus Jill and Vicki, WHICH WE MISSED VERY MUCH. Dawson and Chase wanted to spend the night at JoJo's with Ninny. So we convinced my cousin Julie to stay, too. We got out the extra mattresses, and all pilled into the living room. Well, the boys FINALLY went to sleep around 10 but the girls stayed up giggling and talking until 1 or so. We had decided to go shopping and planned to leave Jameson around 3:30 am. We maybe got 2 hours of sleep, and then we joined the masses at Kolhs. We really did not have anything in particular to buy but we did not want to miss out. We shopped until around 8. We spent the rest of the day trying to recover.

We spent the rest of the weekend just spending time together. We went to dinner and hung out playing games. I think everyone had a great time. I was sad when Lindz had to go home on Monday but she will be back in a coupld of weeks. She has decided to walk in the fall gradaution at OBU.