Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Resolution and SICKNESS

So, since I have fallen off the blogging wagon, AGAIN. I have decided that I am just going to start from today and more forward. The year is flying by. October is all but over.

Life at work is CRAZY. Everyone is sick and everyone is visiting us at CAPC. Since there is so much sickness, my boys could not be left out. On Monday Chase started running fever. He had a cough and it was nasty. At first we thought he just had an ear infection, but as the day progressed so did his fever. As high as 102 for him.......

On Tuesday, I got a call from my family UPS man and sickness had fallen on him hard and fast. By the time he got home he was miserable and had fever above 102. Just as I was getting these two guys well........Dawson and I were eatind dinner and he asked to go home. When we got home his was at 102 and would peak about 104 during the night. AGH!!!!!

As of this moment, Greg and Chase are on the mend and will go to work and school tomorrow. Dawson is still running fever and will hopefully be well after the weekend.

The boys are going to start basketball soon. So get ready for pics and stats.

I am not sure if you guys remember but the boys and I are going to Disney World. We actually on have 3 weeks. We have our airplane tickets, our resort rooms, and park tickets. We are all very excited. Since Greg is not able to got with us, UPS is very busy the next few weeks. We got him tickets to a Dallas Cowboy football game, the first weekend we are going to be gone. I don't think he will miss us too much.