Sunday, March 22, 2009

Zoo Trip

So, I decided since I have to work EVERY day during Spring Break, I made an on the FLY plan and took the boys to the Zoo on Friday. Chase had been begging to go and the weather was nice so we just decided to do it. We also took Blake from across the street. We picked him up from Daycare and were on our way.

The boys had a GREAT time. The zoo was not very crowded so we could take our time and the boys could walk by themselves without having to be RIGHT next to me. And probably the best thing is that we saw lots of animals. Times before we have gone there and all the animals were locked inside.
The boys found these Bald Eagles as soon as we got there. Chase was pretty excited about the birds. He is definatly my nature boy. He loves to learn about science, all types.

The boys rode on the train and got $10 drinks. But hey, is that not what outings are all about.

As we got around the Zoo the boys got a little wild. They were all tired, so to the car we headed.

All three of them had to try hard to stay awake during the 25 minute car ride home.

I think all in all the day was a good one. We had a great time and made good memories.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Talent Show 2009

So, the Howard Perrin Talent Show was this past week. Both Ramsey's boys had little acts. Chase performed with some other kids from Mrs. Wards class. He had a difficult time deciding if he was going to do the show or not. He did not want people to laugh at him and then when he decided he was going to do the show, after the rehearsal night he got scared because he realized there would be more people at the actual show. But he got up there and did GREAT. The video is from the dress rehearsal night, that is why he has baseball pants on. We had a game as soon as he did his practice.

Dawson had an act with 10 other 2nd grade boys. They dressed up like the Village People and performed to YMCA. They were a crowd favorite. I am some what surprised that Dawson does this Talent Show thing. He is mostly reserved, but when he is dressed up with his guys, he acts like a different kid.

The teachers of Howard Perrin also got into the act at the Talent Show. Some of them are hard to recognize due to their GREAT costumes......

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Over a month.....

Well, When I logged on this morning I noticed it has been over a MONTH since I blogged. And don't worry my sister has been wearing me out about it. I am not sure how to catch up on the last month. I think I will do just a generic post today, because I am at work, oops! I will try to get pictures and maybe do a post for each boy over the weekend.

March has been a busy month for us already. We started baseball, which means at least one practice per boy per week, and some weeks they each had two. I am definetaly going to live at Holland ballpark for the next few weeks.

Greg and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary and Greg's 40th birthday last week. We went out to eat with our dear friends Matt and Cindy. We are not big birthday and holiday gift givers for each other, we save that for the boys. But we did get a Wii fit, and said it was for Greg and Dawson since they both have birthdays in March.

We had the Howard Perrin talent show this week, and I hope to get pictures and Video up soon. Both boys were in the show. Chase did a song with his Kindergarden class, and Dawson had a group of friends, 11 second grades, that did a dance to YMCA.

The boys are starting Spring Break today and our life long friends from Texas are here visting and I hope to get pictures of the crew together posted soon.

I hope this will at least get the Blog stalkers off my back. I will try to update more soon.