Friday, December 4, 2009

Frist Day at Disney

On Sunday we started off slow. We let the boys swim at the hotel, and then went to Downtown Disney. We had reservations for a late lunch at T-Rex. I found this resturant on line and thought Chase would love it and he did. There were dinos everywhere. We witnessed a meteor shower and the loss the of dinosaurs.

We are not sure who the random child above Matt's head is but our family had a great time.

After a little time at Downtown, we headed to Magic Kingdom. Where else do you start a Disney vacation.
We ran for the first ride we could see, maybe not the best idea. We rode Stitch's Great Escape. It was an Alien ride the last time I was at Disney. I thought since Stitch was involved it would be low key and something the boys would love. Boy, was I WRONG!!!!! They were both not very happy and I was worried we had scared them for life on the first stinking ride.

Good for us, they got over the trauma as soon as we found Splash Mountain. Both of the boys were all about that ride. We watched the Spectro-Magic Parade and then the boys and Mom and Dad called it a night, we did have 6 more days of fun!

Magic Kingdom was open until 3 AM on that Sunday so Matt, Amanda, and I decided to get a few more rides in.


We had a Great Thanksgiving week. The boys and I went to Disney World with my mom and dad. Matt and Amanda went as well, and Jill and Vicki meet us on Wed. We left Benton on Saturday morning and drove to Memphis to catch our flight. The boys had never flown before so they were pretty excited.

This picture is just as our trip started. I don't think we got one in the car on the way home, but trust me we all looked a little more tired.

As we were getting off the plane in Atlanta the pilot let the boys in the cockpit. Just the thought of one of them flying a plane scares me to death.

We spent most of the day on Saturday traveling. So on Sunday we got up and started making GREAT memories.

We stayed at All Star Music. The boys loved swimming in the piano pool. Although we did not spend too much time hanging out in the hotel room, it was nice and just what we needed.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Little Vacation

We have life long friends/family that live in Houston. Debbie, aka DV, and Stuart, aka Stu-rat, have been in my life since I can remember. Their daughters Amber and April are my longest known friends. Amber and I are the same age, just seperated by a few weeks. April and Jill were also close in age. April was born with Cystic Fibrosis, and in 1998 she lost her battle. There are lots I could say about April and what she taught me, but I will save that for another blog.

Today I want to share about our little summer vacation. Mom and I took the boys to meet Amber and her sweet girls, Kayla and Taylor, along with DV for a little hang time. We started at a camp site at Lake Livingston. YES, I said camp site.

Everybody had a GREAT time. The kids play so good together. Even though they are only around each other a couple of times per year. But they love each other, just like Amber, April, Jill and I did.
We had a great time. The kids went fishing, which was Chase's highlight. We spend some wonderful quality time just being togther. After our camping adventure, we drove into Houston for a couple of days. The kids swam and we went to the Children's Museum.
We made lot of memories, which the boys still talk about. We all had a great time.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Ok, so I know these are a little late. But never late than never, right?Both boys had a GREAT night and enough candy for an entire year.

We are all continuing our countdown to Disney. As of the time of this typing we have 7 days. I hope I am able to have lots of post when we get home.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Resolution and SICKNESS

So, since I have fallen off the blogging wagon, AGAIN. I have decided that I am just going to start from today and more forward. The year is flying by. October is all but over.

Life at work is CRAZY. Everyone is sick and everyone is visiting us at CAPC. Since there is so much sickness, my boys could not be left out. On Monday Chase started running fever. He had a cough and it was nasty. At first we thought he just had an ear infection, but as the day progressed so did his fever. As high as 102 for him.......

On Tuesday, I got a call from my family UPS man and sickness had fallen on him hard and fast. By the time he got home he was miserable and had fever above 102. Just as I was getting these two guys well........Dawson and I were eatind dinner and he asked to go home. When we got home his was at 102 and would peak about 104 during the night. AGH!!!!!

As of this moment, Greg and Chase are on the mend and will go to work and school tomorrow. Dawson is still running fever and will hopefully be well after the weekend.

The boys are going to start basketball soon. So get ready for pics and stats.

I am not sure if you guys remember but the boys and I are going to Disney World. We actually on have 3 weeks. We have our airplane tickets, our resort rooms, and park tickets. We are all very excited. Since Greg is not able to got with us, UPS is very busy the next few weeks. We got him tickets to a Dallas Cowboy football game, the first weekend we are going to be gone. I don't think he will miss us too much.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby Sister's Birthday

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I thought of was my baby sister. Today is her birthday, and she has been great about blogging about our family members birthdays this year. Since I am a blogger slacker, I was concerned who might blog about her. I wanted to show the love too so I am going to attempt it. I know I am not as whitty or write as great as she does, so please excuse me.

Lindsey is the most spoiled child I know. And most people would say I helped develop that part of her. When Lindsey was born I was a pre-teen and I thought she was going to cramp my style.....Well, little did I know that she would sleep in my twin bed, cruise Military Road with me, and become one of my best friends.

We have had cross words, fights, shared tears, disappointments, and many great accomplishments. She was there when I graduated Nursing School, she was there when both the boys were born, I saw her graduate college. And now I am watching her become a GREAT young women.

Lindsey and I have shared many things, we have not and will not share with anyone else. We have incorporated each other into the others lives in every way. My real friends are friends with Lindsey, they love her like I do.
They are few people that meet her and do not immediately LOVE her. She just has that effect on people, and some times I hate it. You walk in a room and everyone looks your way, but they are not looking at you, especially if Lindsey is standing beside you. At times, that works to my advantage. We get seated at resturants earlier, we get free drinks, all kinds of benefits that having a gorgegous sister brings to the extended family.
I miss her ALOT. I wish she lived next door. There are lots of times, I wish she could just come and pick me up and drive to Sonic and talk about our days.

Ninny, as she is known at our house is having a Birthday today. And I want her to know that I love her very much.

Our DNA may not totally match, but God knew I needed her to be in my life along time ago.

I LOVE YOU SIS. Have a great day.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Blog Loser

Ok , I know I have been a HUGE loser on the blog thing. Maybe now with school starting we will have a better routine. Although, I am not sure. The boys are both playing TWO sports right now.

Chase has been begging to play flag football for a couple of years and I have steared him toward soccer. But this year I gave in. He goes tomorrow for his evaluation. He is also playing some tournaments with his baseball team. Dawson is sticking with soccer another year, which I am excited about, but he is also playing Fall baseball. So with church and practices we pretty much have something going everynight.

School also started this week......Dawson is in third grade. Which is very hard for me to believe. 8 years old and in third grade I AM WAY OLD!!!!! Chase is starting first grade. Both boys seem excited about their classes. And we have even made the schedule to bath and bed this week with little argument.

We are gearing up for our trip to Disney. Only a few more months and we are Florida bond! The boys are getting excited and so is JoJo. More to come on the trip.

Hope this makes the Blog haters happy!!!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baseball, Baseball, and more Baseball

Well, that pretty much sums up why I have not posted in like a month. Both boys are playing on two teams right now. They play in the Optimist League in Benton and in a couple of tournaments....I know that is WAY too much. I can read everyone's mind. We are already talking about how we can fix that problem next year.

Chase is playing with the same coach from last year, and is loving it. He plays pitcher and does pretty well, as long as he is medicate :).

Dawson is playing third base and throwing runners out at first. So he is going great too.

I dont have any pictures yet to post from the tournament teams, but we will have lots of time for that. Sorry I have been gone so long.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Zoo Trip

So, I decided since I have to work EVERY day during Spring Break, I made an on the FLY plan and took the boys to the Zoo on Friday. Chase had been begging to go and the weather was nice so we just decided to do it. We also took Blake from across the street. We picked him up from Daycare and were on our way.

The boys had a GREAT time. The zoo was not very crowded so we could take our time and the boys could walk by themselves without having to be RIGHT next to me. And probably the best thing is that we saw lots of animals. Times before we have gone there and all the animals were locked inside.
The boys found these Bald Eagles as soon as we got there. Chase was pretty excited about the birds. He is definatly my nature boy. He loves to learn about science, all types.

The boys rode on the train and got $10 drinks. But hey, is that not what outings are all about.

As we got around the Zoo the boys got a little wild. They were all tired, so to the car we headed.

All three of them had to try hard to stay awake during the 25 minute car ride home.

I think all in all the day was a good one. We had a great time and made good memories.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Talent Show 2009

So, the Howard Perrin Talent Show was this past week. Both Ramsey's boys had little acts. Chase performed with some other kids from Mrs. Wards class. He had a difficult time deciding if he was going to do the show or not. He did not want people to laugh at him and then when he decided he was going to do the show, after the rehearsal night he got scared because he realized there would be more people at the actual show. But he got up there and did GREAT. The video is from the dress rehearsal night, that is why he has baseball pants on. We had a game as soon as he did his practice.

Dawson had an act with 10 other 2nd grade boys. They dressed up like the Village People and performed to YMCA. They were a crowd favorite. I am some what surprised that Dawson does this Talent Show thing. He is mostly reserved, but when he is dressed up with his guys, he acts like a different kid.

The teachers of Howard Perrin also got into the act at the Talent Show. Some of them are hard to recognize due to their GREAT costumes......

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Over a month.....

Well, When I logged on this morning I noticed it has been over a MONTH since I blogged. And don't worry my sister has been wearing me out about it. I am not sure how to catch up on the last month. I think I will do just a generic post today, because I am at work, oops! I will try to get pictures and maybe do a post for each boy over the weekend.

March has been a busy month for us already. We started baseball, which means at least one practice per boy per week, and some weeks they each had two. I am definetaly going to live at Holland ballpark for the next few weeks.

Greg and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary and Greg's 40th birthday last week. We went out to eat with our dear friends Matt and Cindy. We are not big birthday and holiday gift givers for each other, we save that for the boys. But we did get a Wii fit, and said it was for Greg and Dawson since they both have birthdays in March.

We had the Howard Perrin talent show this week, and I hope to get pictures and Video up soon. Both boys were in the show. Chase did a song with his Kindergarden class, and Dawson had a group of friends, 11 second grades, that did a dance to YMCA.

The boys are starting Spring Break today and our life long friends from Texas are here visting and I hope to get pictures of the crew together posted soon.

I hope this will at least get the Blog stalkers off my back. I will try to update more soon.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I can't think of a title.

Well, first of all Greg has been sick this week and for all you wives out there you know what that means!!! There was a couple of days between work, and all the sick people, and home, with Greg being sick, I thought I might pull my hair out!!! He is finally better, and I think I may have caught a tiny bit of what he had, but the boys seem good. So cross your fingers.

Everyone had good weeks at school. Chase has a little issue not talking, at least LOUDLY, in the cafeteria for lunch. HP has a contest, and the best class gets recongized and the winner for the month gets a special treat. Needless to say Mrs. Ward's class does not get very many, and Chase says he MAY be the reason. HA HA Dawson had pretty uneventful week. No major breakdowns at least.

The weather has been nice, so the boys have been getting outside at school and some at home. They love that.

We had our last two basketball games this week. Last night was not a great game. We lost, and pretty much the referring was horrible. Dawson and Chase got asked to play in the following game because the team only had 3 players. What they did not know was that the team was 3rd and 4th graders. Chase of course was in, but Dawson decided at game time he was not going to play. So the first quarter they played 4 on 4 and Dawson sat with us and pouted. When he realized the teams were not that good, and that he could hang with them he went and asked the coach if he could still play. So, they both played 3 quarters together. Their adopted team lost, but Dawson scored 4 of their 6 points. Chase got in there and had some rebounds and a couple of steals. I think they enojoyed it.

Now that basketball is over, we are moving right to baseball. Dawson has to do his draft next weekend. Greg is going to help on Chase's team, so Chase gets to skip the draft!!!

Greg and I decided to try to file our taxes online this year. We usually have a friend do them, but we dont really have anything major so it was really pretty easy. So it is done. Most of our return is going into savings for our Disney trip later in the year.

Friday, January 30, 2009


So, I have recently been told I am a blog slacker. I was doing so well for a while but now I dont seem to know how to complete a sentence on this thing. We are doing nothing but seem to be moving constantly. The boys have had two basketball games a week, school, homework, church, and not to mention we have to feed them sometime in between all this, and hold down a job.

Dawson had one TOTAL melt down on the way to school this week. Over something totally retarded but he was all out of sorts. He ended up having to walk to class with my mom, and we were all three worked up and stressed out.

Chase has seemed to have a good week. He began to get "worked" up tonight. But I think he was tired and had been good as long as possible. I just tried to hold my tongue and get him into bed as soon as possible. Chase did have an exciting night on Thursday. We had a basketball game and did not play very well in the first half. For some reason Chase decided to shoot the ball, which he throws like a brick....It sounds like the backboard is going to shatter. Anyway, he was bringing the ball into the front court and took 3-4 steps over half court and launched the ball.....AND IT WENT IN. I so wish I had a camera because his face was priceless. He asked me if it was 5 points!!!! Everyone was very excited, which only made him smile even more.

I promise all my blog friends I will try to do better with the blog this week. I want to try to post alot of the funny things Chase seems to be coming up with lately.....We will see.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It was a GREAT day...

If you have been following previous post, you will know Chase has been having some trouble at school. Well, today he had a GREAT day. His teacher was impressed, I think even Chase was impressed. When I asked him what happened today, he said he was just trying REALLY hard. If you are not a parent, you might not understand the joy I feel tonight. I was very excited Chase and Mrs. Ward had a great day and we are going to strive for more...

A little quote from Chase tonight: We were praying and he said, "Geegus, I want to pray for he people I love and the people I like". What a great little guy.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Catch up...

So, it has been a few days since I posted last. We were out of town this weekend. We went to Jonesboro to watch our friend Caroline play basketball at ASU. The boys had a great time. We stayed in a hotel with an indoor pool, so they pretty much loved it.
Chase had a rough week at school last week. He had his first offical visit to the principles office. He kicked 2 other boys during the day and I think his teacher, which is GREAT by the way, just had enough. We have had him tested with OT and the test definately show he has some sensory issues, which may make him more vurnable to behavior problems. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THERE ARE NO EXCUSES FROM ME. Chase needs to behave and we are working on getting that to happen. Just keep praying for us, and that we all know what to do to help Chase.

We had another basketball game. The Ramsey boys did not have their best night, but the Jazz won. I have some new pictures but they are on a camera I dont really know how to use.....Hopefully I will get them off soon.

We have also continued to love our webcam. Lindsey and Justin got a new computer that had a webcam.....She called me on Tuesday morning and we got it all setup and got to visit for 30 mintues. It was great. When the boys got home they both got to tell Ninny about their week. I think she was more excited than them. (they just like to see themselves on the screen)

Thursday, January 15, 2009


We have moved into the 21st century at the Ramsey Household. My sister, Jill, gave me a Web Cam for Christmas. She had been telling me about all the people she communicates with over the net, and thought it was a good way for the boys and I to see her and Vicki. Well, I got everything loaded on our computer and the cam all set up and tested. Dawson has been wanting to "get on the webcam" for a few days. Although, I am not sure he knew what it was all about. But we did get everything together and Jill called us via Skype last night. Dawson and I started the conversation and had a few bugs to workout. But it did not take long and we were seeing each other and having a great time. The boys quickly starting acting up and being silly. Chase realized he could actually see HIMSELF on the screen as well. And that of course he loved. Jill and Vicki did not get much information out of the boys, due to their silliness. But the three of us had a great visit. I LOVED IT. I loved getting to see them, even if it was via the net. I miss them and hate they live so far away. But I can hear Jill now saying, "there is life outside of Saline county......" We have already planned to try another call on Sunday. I hope the boys will behave better, so that they can tell Jill and Vicki about school and basketball.

We do have another game tonight, and I borrowed a friends camera, so hopefully I get more pics.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not too much, just busy

The past few days have been around the house, but nothing too exciting. The boys both had birthday parties to attend over the weekend. Chase went to Chuck-E-Cheese on Friday with a boy from his class. He took five dollars and I think he had it spent within minutes....But he had a great time. Dawson's party was Sunday after church, and he went to Play Time Pizza. We have not been there as a family so he was very excited.

On Sunday at church there was a great group that performed during service and then did a concert for service that night. Testify was the name of the group. They sang "I want to see Jesus", and it was UNBELIVABLE!!! They could have stood and sand that song for hours on end and I would have stayed for every minute. If you have a chance look them up, it will be well worth it.

We had basketball practice last night and the boys are all improving. Matt works well with them.

Maybe more exciting things to come..................

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Game # 2

Well, basketball is now in full force, since the Holidays are over. We had our second game tonight. We won 26 to 22, even we don't keep score???? The game was pretty rough and out of control, almost humorous at times, but we pulled it out. We played the team that is probably the best team in the league. Alot of the boys were on Chase's team last year and the boys are friends with most of them. I was very proud of them. Dawson did not have his best shooting game. He through up alot of junk. He scored 10 points, but if he had made half of the junk he threw up at the rim he would have scored 30!!!!! Chase had 2 points and a couple of steals and rebounds....He is a mad man on the court. He wants to fight for the ball. AND I MEAN FIGHT for the ball.

My camera does not take very good pictures in the gym but I got a couple off a Iphone in the gym.

There are two players not in this picture. Before the season is over I will try to get everyone.

GO JAZZ!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Pics

I thought I would try to post a few more pictures of the Holiday week.....

So, this is our living room before TOTAL distruction happened. As you can tell by this picture, my boys are absolutly rotten.

So, here are the boys getting ready to enjoy their gifts.

They are are the smallest kids at everything Holiday gathering......They have lots of GREAT PEOPLE looking at for them.

Christmas is over and the New Year is here. I hope to keep everyone updated on what is happening with the Ramseys.