Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby Sister's Birthday

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I thought of was my baby sister. Today is her birthday, and she has been great about blogging about our family members birthdays this year. Since I am a blogger slacker, I was concerned who might blog about her. I wanted to show the love too so I am going to attempt it. I know I am not as whitty or write as great as she does, so please excuse me.

Lindsey is the most spoiled child I know. And most people would say I helped develop that part of her. When Lindsey was born I was a pre-teen and I thought she was going to cramp my style.....Well, little did I know that she would sleep in my twin bed, cruise Military Road with me, and become one of my best friends.

We have had cross words, fights, shared tears, disappointments, and many great accomplishments. She was there when I graduated Nursing School, she was there when both the boys were born, I saw her graduate college. And now I am watching her become a GREAT young women.

Lindsey and I have shared many things, we have not and will not share with anyone else. We have incorporated each other into the others lives in every way. My real friends are friends with Lindsey, they love her like I do.
They are few people that meet her and do not immediately LOVE her. She just has that effect on people, and some times I hate it. You walk in a room and everyone looks your way, but they are not looking at you, especially if Lindsey is standing beside you. At times, that works to my advantage. We get seated at resturants earlier, we get free drinks, all kinds of benefits that having a gorgegous sister brings to the extended family.
I miss her ALOT. I wish she lived next door. There are lots of times, I wish she could just come and pick me up and drive to Sonic and talk about our days.

Ninny, as she is known at our house is having a Birthday today. And I want her to know that I love her very much.

Our DNA may not totally match, but God knew I needed her to be in my life along time ago.

I LOVE YOU SIS. Have a great day.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Blog Loser

Ok , I know I have been a HUGE loser on the blog thing. Maybe now with school starting we will have a better routine. Although, I am not sure. The boys are both playing TWO sports right now.

Chase has been begging to play flag football for a couple of years and I have steared him toward soccer. But this year I gave in. He goes tomorrow for his evaluation. He is also playing some tournaments with his baseball team. Dawson is sticking with soccer another year, which I am excited about, but he is also playing Fall baseball. So with church and practices we pretty much have something going everynight.

School also started this week......Dawson is in third grade. Which is very hard for me to believe. 8 years old and in third grade I AM WAY OLD!!!!! Chase is starting first grade. Both boys seem excited about their classes. And we have even made the schedule to bath and bed this week with little argument.

We are gearing up for our trip to Disney. Only a few more months and we are Florida bond! The boys are getting excited and so is JoJo. More to come on the trip.

Hope this makes the Blog haters happy!!!!!