Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Today Dawson is 10. It is so hard to believe. So many things have happened in our lives in 10 years. There was a time in my life that 10 years seemed like FOREVER. Like that endless time that would never come or happen. But today 10 years seems like yesterday. I can not imagine waking up and not having him around. Dawson is my boy that wears his feelings on his shoulders and wants to please everyone. He wants everyone to be happy with him and not disappointed. And very rarely are we. He loves to play sports, and wants to excel (to a fault), although he is stomping his fears daily.

Dawson makes friends easily and loves his family. He has long hair, that I can't stand. He is wearing contacts and has a retainer. He is growing up in front of my eyes and I am afraid to blink.

Dawson, I love you, and hope your day is great. I just wish I could slow down time, but I promise I will not take any time for granted!!!! Maybe the next 10 will be slower.....but I doubt it.