Friday, December 4, 2009

Frist Day at Disney

On Sunday we started off slow. We let the boys swim at the hotel, and then went to Downtown Disney. We had reservations for a late lunch at T-Rex. I found this resturant on line and thought Chase would love it and he did. There were dinos everywhere. We witnessed a meteor shower and the loss the of dinosaurs.

We are not sure who the random child above Matt's head is but our family had a great time.

After a little time at Downtown, we headed to Magic Kingdom. Where else do you start a Disney vacation.
We ran for the first ride we could see, maybe not the best idea. We rode Stitch's Great Escape. It was an Alien ride the last time I was at Disney. I thought since Stitch was involved it would be low key and something the boys would love. Boy, was I WRONG!!!!! They were both not very happy and I was worried we had scared them for life on the first stinking ride.

Good for us, they got over the trauma as soon as we found Splash Mountain. Both of the boys were all about that ride. We watched the Spectro-Magic Parade and then the boys and Mom and Dad called it a night, we did have 6 more days of fun!

Magic Kingdom was open until 3 AM on that Sunday so Matt, Amanda, and I decided to get a few more rides in.


We had a Great Thanksgiving week. The boys and I went to Disney World with my mom and dad. Matt and Amanda went as well, and Jill and Vicki meet us on Wed. We left Benton on Saturday morning and drove to Memphis to catch our flight. The boys had never flown before so they were pretty excited.

This picture is just as our trip started. I don't think we got one in the car on the way home, but trust me we all looked a little more tired.

As we were getting off the plane in Atlanta the pilot let the boys in the cockpit. Just the thought of one of them flying a plane scares me to death.

We spent most of the day on Saturday traveling. So on Sunday we got up and started making GREAT memories.

We stayed at All Star Music. The boys loved swimming in the piano pool. Although we did not spend too much time hanging out in the hotel room, it was nice and just what we needed.